Journeys of Discovery

Uniquely inspired global adventures for families by The Ties Program!

  • Looking for a cultural trip, or possibly a service trip (with some free time)?
  • Maybe you’d like a foodie tour, or an adventure infused with wellness practices like yoga?
  • Are you interested in traveling with people who tend to be very open minded, globally aware and loads of fun? Do you enjoy a family friendly atmosphere?
  • Do you like to see the sights but also meet people “where they live” therefore getting to know a country at a deeper level?

If so, Ties Journeys of Discovery awaits you. 

We’re drawing on nearly two decades of experience working with families who have internationally adopted kids.

Our sister organization is The Ties Program—Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys. Hundreds of families have traveled with The Ties Program to countries in Asia, Europe, Central American and South America. Together they have planted trees in Guatemala, ridden elephants in India, provided school supplies to school students in Cambodia, sailed in a sampan in Vietnam, traveled by narrow-gauge railroad to Machu Picchu in Peru, strolled through fascinating markets in South Korea (including one devoted to fish) and visited a family home (by rickshaw) in the Hutongs of China.

But that’s not the only kind of experience that is important. In many ways, knowing how to serve people as they explore the world means understanding the physical and emotional pieces of the journey.

Helping people “travel happy,” make good memories and form bonds that will last a lifetime.That’s what we’re good at. Who’s ready to go?